Multi-brand retailers have an inventory visibility challenge

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Inventory challenges multi-brand retailers have

Multi-brand retailers, as curators and aggregators of merchandise, they assist consumers by providing them a selection of items of from a wide range of different brands.

However, the role of a multi-brand retailer is not an easy one to handle. The complexity of managing diverse product types from multiple sources is a significant drain of resources. It’s also a business model that’s prone to errors, due to the multiple processes involved.

It is, therefore, essential for retailers that carry multiple brands to find an efficient and easy way to gain total visibility on their inventory. 

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In this eBook  you will learn:

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  • Challenges multi-brand retailers have in terms of inventory management
    • Translating data into data (of a different flavour)
    • Bringing together data connections from multiple sources
    • Growing a data-sharing relationship with brands
    • Acquiring the data needed for better integrations
    • Brands need to decide the data flow
    • Allocation and replenishment for multi-brand retailers
  • How multi-brand retailers can solve these challenges
  • The benefits of unifying inventory under one roof
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