Strategies to drive
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To improve the relationship between brands and retailers we need: cooperation, trust, transparency and closer relationship between manufacturers, brands, and retailers.

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Why retailers are here to stay

Retailers still have a firm place in the hearts of the consumer by offering a wide variety of choice and many other benefits.


The future of the multi-brand retailer

To achieve the greatest benefits brands and retailers must form a partnership and keep the best from both worlds.


Technology as an enabler for collaboration

When data is shared between all stakeholders in the supply chain it translates into a greater amount of revenue.

Fashion companies increased their DTC interactions 


These companies are shifting their focus away from wholesale, and towards own retail, enabled by digitasation.


Although DTC models and its advantages seem obvious:

  • 1) Selling direct to consumers also cuts out the value of the middleman. For some brands or products, distribution via independent retail networks remains important, simply because more traffic leads to more conversion.
  • 2) And while access to consumer data may be easier in DTC, it is not impossible in a wholesale relationship. It just requires technology and collaboration on a common goal: serving the consumer.

Meanwhile, MBR can generate strong value to the supply chain, increase profitability and reduce waste.

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